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Lucas Golf Batteries


Lucas Golf Batteries

Designed for use in all types of golf trolleys, carts, buggies and scooters, the Lucas golf battery is the ultimate in reliability, power and long-lasting life, all at a great value price too. If you are looking for a high quality replacement battery for your golf equipment but don't want to pay a premium price, then the Lucas brand is the one for you.

Featuring universal adaptors which make them easy to fit to devices which use different connectors, Lucas golf batteries are ideal no matter what type of trolley or cart you own. The deep cycling capability of the Lucas battery ensures it offers more power than other types of golf battery. Additionally, the life cycle of Lucas batteries is longer than many other brands, giving you more rounds of golf in the process. Using the latest AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) technology, Lucas batteries are completely maintenance free, allowing you to concentrate on your golf game.

The quality of Lucas batteries can be seen in their top notch construction. Designed to be vibration resistant, the batteries are also totally sealed ensuring that there is no leakage at any time. Using the highest technology possible, the Lucas golf battery will give you the best performance every time

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Lucas SLC22-12G Golf Battery
0 reviews
Voltage 12V
Coldstart -
Capacity 22AH
£49.99 inc. VAT
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