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Toyota Batteries 

Leading Japanese manufacturer Toyota produces some of the most reliable cars money can buy. However, in common with other modern vehicles, the batteries will eventually need replacing on even the best looked after vehicle. The ongoing chemical reaction that produces electricity in a battery will eventually reduce the amount of power it is able to produce, regardless of how much maintenance it receives.

At Battery2u you can easily find the right replacement Toyota battery for your model, whether you drive a sporty MR2, a spacious Landcruiser or an environmentally friendly Prius. Choose from a range of top-quality brands including those used as original equipment by car manufacturers around the world.

According to the AA, having a battery go flat is one of the most common causes of car breakdown so making sure that yours is always in peak condition is a good way to reduce the chance of being caught out. If you are driving an older model and the warranty on your original battery has expired, it may be worth investing in a replacement as new Toyota batteries will give superior performance.

You may also want to consider a replacement if your battery has been drained flat several times because of having left your lights on. Although the battery can be recharged and will continue to function, its overall lifespan will have been reduced, increasing the chances of a failure.

Thanks to the wide range of new Toyota batteries available from Battery2u, you'll easily be able to find one which best suits your individual needs. If you use your car for mostly short journeys, a heavy duty battery would be a good choice. If you use your car throughout the winter and want to ensure good cold weather performance, choose a model with a cold cranking amps (CCA) rating of at least 600.

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