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Ford Batteries 

If you're thinking of changing the battery in your Ford then don't be tempted to wait until it's too late. Renewing your battery shouldn't come as a last resort and it isn't just an option when your vehicle won't start in the morning. This is a vital safety element for any motorist and it simply shouldn't be ignored.

All Fords can benefit from a new Ford battery but some of the higher performance cars should attract closer attention simply because they have more electrical functionality overall. These will tend to be fitted with more accommodating batteries but they can still be prone to drainage more quickly than others.

The list of Fords with more issues than most might include the Mondeo, the Fusion and the Galaxy, all of which are at the luxury end of the Ford range and may be more susceptible to battery issues.

It shouldn't be assumed however that other models are free from problems because all can benefit from replacement Ford batteries on a regular basis. A life of a battery can vary greatly from as little as two years in some cases up to six years for higher quality units that aren't subjected to overuse.

You can however, help to extend the life of your battery simply through good driving habits. When the car is moving, don't use electrical items when they aren't necessary: Blowers, entertainment systems and many others can affect the battery's performance and run it down in a short space of time.

You should always switch any electrical devices off before finally turning off your engine in order to give a last charge that could prove vital. Finally, remember to clean your battery and its connections on a regular basis to remove grease, dust and debris that could ultimately affect its overall shelf life.

Renewing your battery keeps vital equipment such as windscreen wipers, lights and other components in optimum condition so it doesn't just help your vehicle to start in the morning, it also keeps you safe when you're on the road.

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