Varta Start-Stop Plus Batteries


Varta Start Stop Plus batteries are the ideal choice for vehicles fitted with Stop & Start technology. They build on and improve the advances made by Varta with their Start Stop range of batteries, providing an even better performance and level of reliability.

Varta Start Stop Plus batteries save fuel by disconnecting the power to the engine when the car is stationary and can also regain power under braking. They also use AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology which has been developed by some of Europe's largest car manufacturers and is the most advanced automobile battery technology on the planet.

These Varta Start Stop Plus batteries will last 3-4 times as long as standard batteries and provide one hundred per cent of their advertised capacity unlike many inferior types of cell. They are also hermetically sealed and guaranteed leak-proof. Once fitted, they require no maintenance whatsoever and will provide a consistent level of starting power for the whole of their lives.

At we stock the entire range of Varta start stop plus batteries and are able to provide free-of-charge next-day delivery with any orders placed prior to 4pm. We can also offer a 4-year guarantee on all new Varta Stop Start Plus batteries. For customers in the Merseyside area we also offer a same day delivery service for orders placed before 10am and a fitting service at our state-of-the-art workshop. Because we deal directly with the battery manufacturers themselves we can sell our battery range at unbeatable prices.

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Varta Car Batteries AGM 096 / E39 / A7 DIN 570901076
1 reviews
Voltage 12V
Coldstart 760
Capacity 70AH
£190.00 inc. VAT
Varta G14 A5 AGM Start Stop Car Battery 12v 95ah Type 019
3 reviews
Voltage 12V
Coldstart 850
Capacity 95AH
£224.99 inc. VAT
Varta F21 AGM Start Stop Car Battery 12v 80ah Type 110
0 reviews
Voltage 12V
Coldstart 800
Capacity 80AH
£209.99 inc. VAT
Varta D52 AGM Start Stop Car Battery 12v 60ah Type 027
0 reviews
Voltage 12V
Coldstart 680
Capacity 60AH
£159.17 inc. VAT
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