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Isuzu Batteries

You might think your Isuzu is just fine; those few extra turns of the ignition to get the engine starting up, well that's just normal, and the battery warning light becoming a more frequent feature of your dashboard, that's nothing to be worried about right? Wrong. If your car battery is over 3 years old you could be rolling the dice on your and your family's safety and well being.

A worn out battery can fail at any time but failure becomes more likely if you have begun noticing any of key signs that it's time for a change; a battery past its best will struggle to operate efficiently outside its optimum temperatures; you may notice that your car is reluctant to start on cold mornings, or that you can't run your electrical equipment for as long before you have to switch the engine on again. Buying a new battery could be the solution for these problems. A cheap battery will cost between £50-60 and will last around 2-3 years. These batteries won't last as long, or provide as much power as a higher quality battery, though, which last between 5-6 years, but cost about £100; well worth the investment if you are planning to use a lot of current heavy appliances in your car, or just want to relieve the worry of changing your battery for another few years to come.

A worn out battery is also harmful for the environment, as you car's engine will have to use more fuel in order to do the extra work required to charge your inefficient old battery. This won't help your carbon footprint, not to mention your fuel bills! So if you want to help the environment, as well as take away the fear of being left stranded with a dead battery, consider a new battery today!