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Jaguar Batteries

Owning a Jaguar can be a status symbol, the British manufacturer’s luxury and sports cars having become synonymous with elegance and power. However, like all vehicles, Jaguars need regular maintenance and an important part of that will be the care and eventual replacement of the battery.

A well-maintained carefully monitored battery can last as long as five years, but one subject to excessive use or mishandling can need replacing in as little as three. Modern cars are tricked out with a wide array of electronic gadgetry which makes the motoring experience more enjoyable; the downside of these is the increased demand on your battery. Many modern vehicles come with 'Stop-start' technology which can also increase the stresses on a battery. If a charger has a defect, leading to the battery consistently being under or over-charged it can have a negative impact on your batteries life-span. In short there are many reasons why your Jaguars battery might need replacing.

If your Jaguar's battery does need to be replaced there are some important facts to
take into consideration. Some of the range of electronic devices in your vehicle have a discernible effect on the battery, so it may be worthwhile investing in a slightly better battery than you would have otherwise done. Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is always recommended to choose a battery that falls into the specifications for your particular model. Some features, including built-in monitoring equipment need to be handled in a certain way at the time of a battery change, various processes may need to be followed. Consult your instruction manual for more details, before you commit to removing the battery.

Finally, don’t leave your battery change until it is too late. Plan for it, budget for it and continue to enjoy driving your Jaguar.

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