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Exide Gel Batteries

Our new range of Exide Equipment Gel batteries are designed using gel (jellified electrolyte), this process of leisure battery manufacturing offers better performance and discharge and recharge cycles than standard leisure and marine batteries, they are absolutely maintenance free and suitable for longer resting periods, these high quality gel batteries have no location constraints and are safe to mount inside cabins of vehicles and are spark and spill-proof making them ideal for side mounting. Exide gel batteries are resistant to vibration and are more compact in size , in fact they are smaller in size by up to 30% but there is no loss in power or performance making these gel batteries hard to beat when it comes to leisure battery applications.

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Exide Gel Battery ES650 ES650 Gel
0 reviews
Voltage 12v
Capacity 56ah
£147.80 inc. VAT
Exide Gel Battery ES900
0 reviews
Voltage 12v
Capacity 80ah
£180.95 inc. VAT
Exide Gel Battery ES1600 ES1600 Gel
0 reviews
Voltage 12V
Capacity 140AH
£347.88 inc. VAT
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