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Mercedes Batteries 

All Mercedes models can benefit from a charge of battery from time to time, but it's always important to remember to renew the battery itself on a regular and maybe scheduled basis. Fitting a replacement Mercedes battery isn't just a requirement to help your vehicle start in the morning, it also helps to keep you safe on the road.

Another important thing to remember is that there is no such thing as a standard shelf life when it comes to new Mercedes batteries. If you've opted for the highest quality branded battery then it can last for up to six years whereas a cheap generic model may only give you two years of service.

Another important factor in the life of a battery comes with the amount of use that it is put to. If you are a high mileage driver, the winter months are going to see you in your car at all times of the day and night with lights, windscreen wipers and all manner of electrical equipment in operation. This will, in turn, shorten the life of your battery and you will therefore need a replacement Mercedes battery on a more regular basis than low mileage drivers.

This will also mean that the higher specification Mercedes models may be more prone to a higher turnover of batteries during their lifetime. Cars such as the mighty E-Class estates or the sleek and fast S-class saloons may be particularly prone to a fast turn round in batteries because of their high functionality and a broader range of on board gadgets.

Older models of Mercedes should be looked after too and remember that this is a car that is built to the highest of specifications and is therefore designed to last. The proportion of older models on the roads is higher than it is with most marques but that does mean that the battery should be given high priority as your vehicle begins to age.

If your car is approaching the six year mark and hasn't had a battery change, chances are that it is in dire need of a switch. Overall, any car bearing the iconic and distinctive Mercedes badge should be considered in terms of regular battery changes to keep it in optimum condition.

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