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Nissan Batteries

Changing the battery in your Nissan is not something you should leave until it won’t start in the morning. We’ve all done it; so to prevent it happening in the first place, make sure you check your Nissan’s battery regularly.

Winter is the worst season for batteries - low temperatures reduce battery power, and at the same time the demands on the battery are much higher. Oil thickens in cold weather which makes the engine harder to start, and the problem is compounded by cold fuel which doesn’t vaporise easily.

Although all Nissans occasionally need new batteries, the newer models like the Qashqai and the Note are usually the ones that need a closer eye - this is because they have much more electronic equipment on board than older models, so there is more of a demand placed on the battery. These models are fitted with batteries with a higher capacity, but they are still more prone to draining quickly.

Batteries have a life of anywhere from two to six years, depending on how they’re used. If you keep an eye on your battery and keep it clean and in good condition you shouldn’t have to replace it too often, and you will know when it’s time to change it.

Check for corrosion around the terminals, dirt, cracks or swelling; these are signs that the battery might need replacing. Also check that it is firmly secured to its mounting bracket - if it is loosely attached it can move around and become damaged, which might lead to short circuiting.

If the battery does need replacing, make sure you get the right size battery for the model of your Nissan - some engines are bigger than others but all will require the correct size battery.

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