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Mitsubishi Van Batteries

For years, Mitsubishi has been a leader and an innovator in automotive technology. Take the L200 series: it's the only vehicle capable of driving on dry tarmac in both two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive modes. Try that with your average four-by and you'll be littering the M1 with bits of your drive shaft from London to Milton Keynes! Being able to shift into four-wheel drive mode on dry roads gives the L200 unparalleled towing capacity.

Not everybody needs a workhorse, however - Mitsubishi's fuel-efficient agile little darter, the Mirage, is perfect for commuting or packing up the family for a day at Blackpool while the - yes, we'll say it! - "sexy" Lancer Evolution X, with its high-tech features and lightning speed, is apparently the missing evolutionary link between automobile and starship.

But whether you're driving the workhorse L200 or the high-stepping Lancer EvoX or even the indefatigable Outlander, you're still dead in the water if the battery's played out! Just because they all have "Mitsubishi" on the boot doesn't mean they all take the same battery - there is no "Mitsubishi" brand battery and even legendary Mitsubishi engineering can't function if it doesn't have a power supply.

Trust us: stuck beside the Pier at Blackpool with a car full of crying children because the motor won't turn over is not a place you want to be. Visit us at Battery2U and get the battery you need. Our warranties, which range from two years to five years, mean that your battery will give every drop of its very long life to firing up your car every time. If you have questions, our experts are only too happy to help out so that you end up with the battery that's right for you. Call or click today for rapid, friendly service!

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