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Whether your business is supply, logistics or service; keeping a commercial vehicle on the road is essential to fulfilling the contract that you have with your customer. Delays caused by vehicle failure and breakdown can be costly; not to only to your finances but also to your reputation. So, when it comes to finding a replacement lorry battery you need to be able to find the correct power source and get it quickly.

HGV and lorry batteries are a key component. As well as providing power to lights, radio and communication systems, their primary function is to provide the initial boost of power needed to start the engine. When a battery fails, no amount of mechanical know-how is going to get that vehicle moving   you need a replacement. However, each commercial vehicle has individual power requirements, which means there are a wide variety of batteries on the market. Furthermore, the size of the loads involved and the huge engines required to move commercial vehicles, mean that the average lorry battery needs to be able to generate a massive amount of power and do that consistently in extreme situations. Not all batteries are the same; in an industry that relies on high power some manufacturers are considered more reliable than others.

Thankfully, specialist battery retailers such as Battery2U carry a wide range of lorry batteries by the most respected manufacturers such as Varta, Exide and Lucas. Each battery is chosen to provide exceptional performance in heavy duty operations and comes with a two year manufacturer's warranty. Battery2U's knowledgeable staff can be contacted via telephone or even on-line chat support and can help you source the right battery. In addition, they offer a range of speedy delivery options which means you get the battery you need quickly, getting you back on the road!