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LDV Van Batteries

If you're LDV van is in need of a new battery you shouldn't put off buying one until the day it won't start.

Time is money if you're livelihood relies on your van so getting a new battery should be a priority.
Whether you drive a Convoy, Pilot, Cub or Maxus, all LDV vans can benefit from a replacement battery. As battery life can be anywhere from two to six years you shouldn't assume that you're new LDV van won't need any attention.

Drivers often forget to switch off electrical items like the radio before switching off the engine which can affect the battery's life. Another tip to remember is to remove grease, dust and debris from the battery connectors on a regular basis. To be safe you should first disconnect the terminals and then brush away any harmful deposits. If you're covering a lot of miles in your van this will help keep the battery in top condition.

If you work near to where you live, frequent short journeys from job to job will have an impact on the battery's life. A battery can stop at any time without warning, but if you're struggling to start your van or if there are problems with any of the electrical systems your battery could be faulty. A battery renewal helps keep equipment like lights and windscreen wipers working at their best, and the battery is a vital safety component as it regulates equipment like the alarm and airbags.

If you have any concerns about your van's battery, call us to discuss a replacement. Don't wait until it's too late.

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