FREE Delivery on all Car Batteries

Saturday AM Delivery Available Call: 0151 933 4848

Car Batteries Liverpool, Free Battery Test & Free Fitting

Free Battery Test

Is your battery playing up? does your car not start first time? then all you need to do is pay us a visit and we will gladly test your battery for free.

Free Battery Fitting

Should your car need a new battery we will fit a new one for the cost of the battery only, fitting will be free.

Call us today on 0151 933 4646 with your car make and model and we will quote you over the phone. We also offer a moble car battery fitting service for an extra charge of £10 throughout the Liverpool area. 

Start Stop Car Battery Fitting

We are fully equipped to fit new Start Stop (AGM) car batteries if you vehicle has a start stop engine. We supply top branded start stop batteries such as Exide and Lucas for a fraction of the price as car dealerships so you really will be much better off giving us a call on 0151 933 4646 for a quote. Most dealerships will charge well over the odds for these batteries and will add an extra cost to fit them, we however will charge you the price of the battery only and at a much cheaper price, we will also fit it for free.

Our address is:

Battery Specialist NW
244 Derby Road
Bootle (By Millers Bridge)
L20 8LJ

0151 933 4646