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Volvo Batteries

Have you ever thought about your car battery? Many Volvo owners haven't. The battery often gets overlooked during your general maintenance of the car, and why would you have to think about it? For many people, your Volvo's battery will not give you very much trouble for the first few years you have the car. Most batteries, however, are only designed to last around 2-3 years, with even the most expensive batteries lasting a maximum of 5-6 years.

The battery is a vital part for kicking the engine into action, and even making the heating and radio work. Excessive use of in-car features such as having the radio and heating on full blast, and in the more executive cars, having the heated seats and DVD player running constantly while the car's engine is off is a major drain on your battery, and could be shortening it's life well below the 2-3 year average.

If you are a fan of many of Volvo's power hungry in-car features, perhaps a high-end battery is for you. These batteries are able to last for 5-6 years, and so are well able to handle the excessive load you will be putting on it. But if you battery is older than 3 years, or you have been noticing signs of battery stress, such as being slow to get the engine started on those cold mornings, then it may be time to consider replacement.

Although a high-end battery will cost you upwards of £100, as opposed to the £50-£70 you might spend on a cheaper battery, depending on the car, a £100 battery is definitely worth the expense, and it won't let you down. So be smart about your battery, and if you have had your car for a few years and never changed the battery, perhaps it is time to consider swapping your sluggish old battery for a powerful new one.

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