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Bosch batteries are one of the best known brands of vehicle battery on the market today, renowned for their build quality and superior starting capabilities compared to other batteries. These German made Batteries come in three different categories S5 Silver, S4 Blue and S3 Black. Bosch batteries cover vehicles ranging from older models through to todays modern start stop vehicles.

The Bosch S5 Silver are suited to newer vehicles with higher electrical demands that come equipped with features such as parking sensors, trip computer, heated front windscreen etc. These Bosch Batteries are mainly for the latest high end vehicles and large diesel Engines.

The Bosch S4 Blue are suited to cars with medium electrical demand such as air conditioning, heated seats, cruise control etc. These Bosch Batteries will normally be fitted to modern vehicles typically from 2000 onwards.

The Bosch S3 Black battery is more suited to smaller vehicles with less electrical demand typically ABS, heated rear window and electric windows and mirrors. They are normally fitted to vehicles typically pre 2000 with smaller engines.

All three types of Bosch Battery come equipped with a manufacturer's warranty typically 3 years for the S3 Black, 4 Years for the S4 Blue and 5 Years for the S5 Silver. When you purchase a Bosch Battery from us you know you will be getting the highest quality battery that won't let you down. Bosch Batteries are equipped with all the latest battery technology fully sealed maintenance free and come as original equipment with many vehicle manufacturers. They have ergonomic handles which make it simple for you to easily transport and install onto your vehicle with the minimum amount of fuss. Bosch Batteries are fully charged and ready to go so as soon as you receive your battery you can install it immediately. If you need any advice on which Bosch Battery would suit your vehicle then please contact us and we will direct you to the right choice of battery.

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S5 008 Bosch Car Battery 12V 77Ah Type 096 S5008
2 reviews
Voltage 12v
Coldstart 780
Capacity 77ah
£144.00 inc. VAT
S5 010 Bosch Car Battery 12V 85Ah Type 110 S5010
1 reviews
Voltage 12v
Coldstart 800
Capacity 85ah
£156.00 inc. VAT
S5 004 Bosch Car Battery 12V 61Ah Type 075 S5004
2 reviews
Voltage 12v
Coldstart 600
Capacity 61ah
£101.39 inc. VAT
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