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Audi Batteries 

Audi cars have always ranked high in terms of reliability but, as is the case with all modern vehicles, their batteries have a limited lifespan. No matter how much care and maintenance you give to your cars, the chances are high that the battery will need to be replaced at some point in its lifetime.

No matter which model of vehicle you own, from a nippy A3 to a spacious and sporty Q7, you can be sure that Battery2u will have the right replacement Audi car battery in stock. A wide range of top-quality models is available to suit all budgets, including the exact same batteries fitted to the vehicles by Audi themselves.

Battery failure is one of the most common causes of car breakdown so it is a good idea to always ensure yours is in peak condition. Check the warranty details of the original battery. If it has expired it may be worth investing in a new Audi battery with a new warranty rather than risking an unexpected failure.

The life of your battery will be shortened if you have ever left your lights on overnight and drained it flat. It will also deteriorate faster if you mostly use your car for short journeys as the vehicle will not be running long enough to replace the amount of charge used to turn the starter motor.

If you have an older model, a new Audi car battery will have a far longer lifespan. If you use your car for a large number of short journeys, a heavy duty battery will be better able to cope. If you are concerned about cold weather performance, be sure to check the CCA (cold cranking amps) rating of any battery you buy. The higher the number, the better the battery will perform during harsh winters. If the temperature regularly drops below zero and your car can not be store indoors, a minimum CCA of 600 is recommended.

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