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Cadillac Batteries

Every so often the batteries in your Cadillac need replaced. Most battery failures occur after the battery reaches three years old, so if you've had a car for longer than this time, or you have acquired a second hand car with an uncertain battery replacement history, then it might be time to install a replacement. The immediate effects of battery wear may not be noticeable in the early stages, as the batteries are designed to provide slightly more charge than the car needs to start under normal conditions. Issues begin to arise, though, when starting your engine on a colder morning, or while you're using current-heavy appliances such as a custom sound system or in-car GPS and DVD player systems. Colder seasons reduce the ability of your battery to discharge into the starter motor and reduce the temperature of the fuel. This is a double-edged sword, since the colder fuel means that a larger kick from the starter motor is required to begin combustion, while the plummeting temperatures sap power from older batteries, rendering them unable to cope with the higher amount of current which must be provided. So, even if a battery seems fine during the summer months, the winter could bring an unwelcome shock when the battery won't provide the power to start the car.

While purchasing a Cadillac battery may seem like an overly expensive investment, it won't be long before it pays off. Getting stuck somewhere on a winter's morning with no way to start the car is nobody's idea of a good time, so replacing your Cadillac battery before it's too late is a wise choice. A cheap battery can cost less than £100, but will last just 2-3 years with moderate use depending, of course, on the conditions under which the battery is used, while a more expensive battery can cost between £100 and £200, but can last around 5-6 years before failure. If you've been thinking of replacing your Cadillac battery, there really is no better time! Give us a call today.

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