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Dennis HGV Batteries

Business does not wait and as the expression goes, money never sleeps. Your work is your livelihood and reliability is the key to survival in what is certainly a competitive and challenging world. At Battery 2U, we appreciate these facts and this is the primary reason that all of the batteries that we supply come with no less than a twelve-month warranty. Indeed, we are that confident that these workhorses will give our customers the peace of mind in knowing that regardless of temperature or weather conditions, our batteries will provide their lorry with the necessary power.

This is particularly true for the batteries supplied for the line of DENNIS lorries. As this is quite a common model that is driven throughout the United Kingdom, we offer a wide selection of batteries that will cater for the needs of specific vehicles. From the 16-18 series to Dart and Mercury models, we aim to please all of our customers that own and operate DENNIS lorries. Still, we also supply batteries for variants such as the Delta and Elite ranges, the Dominant series, the Pax and the Pax V (amongst others). In fact, we even offer free delivery of these batteries to the majority of locations throughout the United Kingdom!

Still, you may be unsure what model of battery you will require for your lorry under certain driving conditions. It is for this reason that at Battery 2U, we offer a live support service that is designed to answer even the most technical of questions. If we combine this with only the most secure payment systems and the choice of such well-known battery brands as Varta, Exide and Lucas, it is clear to appreciate why a growing number of DENNIS lorry drivers are choosing Battery 2U as their supplier of choice throughout the United Kingdom.

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