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Start stop Enhanced Cycle Mat (ECM) batteries are perfectly designed for use with micro-hybrid vehicles that use a start stop system. A start stop system is a 'green' technology, which allows a vehicle's internal combustion engine to shut down automatically when the vehicle is stationery and the engine idling, and to restart automatically at the appropriate time.

Start stop systems make heavy demands on the vehicle's battery, and testing suggests that over time, conventional vehicle batteries lose their ability to support the start-stop function. So it makes sense to buy a battery that is designed for the job.

High quality start stop batteries, such as Exide start top ECM batteries, have high temperature cycling performance and can endure much more than standard car batteries, so they are much better able to cope with the needs of a start stop system.

Here at battery2U.co.uk, we take pride in helping drivers of all types of vehicle. If you need a start stop battery, we can supply it - we stock a very wide range of batteries, including Exide start stop ECM batteries. We have batteries at prices to suit all budgets, and offer next-day delivery across the UK for orders placed before 4pm. You can explore the range of batteries we stock using the search function on our website, but if you do not find what you want, just call us - we will do our best to track down exactly what you need.

So if you need a battery, quickly, there really is just one place to go. You can get in touch with us online through our website (www.battery2u.co.uk) or give us a call on 0151 933 4646 or 0845 459 3084.


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Exide Start Stop Battery EFB EL652 (100)
0 reviews
Voltage 12v
Coldstart 650 A
Capacity 65 Ah
£151.19 inc. VAT
Exide Start Stop Battery EFB EL954 (249)
0 reviews
Voltage 12 v
Coldstart 800 A
Capacity 95 Ah
£173.99 inc. VAT
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