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Chrysler Batteries

A Chrysler is a beautifully designed, precision engineered piece of equipment designed to get you from A to B in comfort and style. So why not give her the best in return? Your Chrysler's battery could be nearing the end of its life if you have had it for a few years. If your car's battery is 2 or 3 years old, it might be time for a replacement. If you are a fan of in-car entertainment, such as DVD players or the radio, you may be placing more strain on your battery, shortening its life even further.

If your engine is struggling to start on a cold morning, then this could be an early sign of a battery in need of replacement. Each battery has an optimum temperature at which it will work most efficiently. In the winter the battery has to work below its optimum; this is where excessive wear begins to show. If you're also noticing that the radio and other electrical systems inside aren't running as long as they used to when the engine is off, before the battery warning light starts to blink at you, this could be another sign that replacement is necessary.

A cheap Chrysler battery can cost between £50-£70, depending on your model, with the higher end batteries costing upwards of £100. While the cheap batteries may seem like a good option in terms of short term outlay, they only last an average of 2-3 years, and so it won't be long before you have to put your hand in your pocket again. A more expensive battery on the other hand will last for 5-6 years, and effortlessly provide enough juice to keep your in-car systems powered up and ready to go.

So if you are noticing any of the signs described above, perhaps it's time to consider replacing your Chrysler's battery - it could be the best thing you've bought for your car in a while!

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