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Ford Van Batteries

If your Ford Van needs a new battery, then the best place to visit is Battery2U. They have a huge selection of batteries available and will do their utmost to ensure that you find the right battery for your Ford Transit, Fiesta Van or Transit Connect.

All van batteries need replacing every 3-5 years and in some cases, this might be sooner. In particular, if you make a lot of short trips in your Transit van, you might find that the battery is showing signs of problems earlier than 3 years. This is because when the van engine starts, it uses a big charge from the battery. The battery then recharges from the engine whilst the van is running. However if the journey time is short, e.g. if you are making lots of drop offs in a small area, then the battery may not be able to replace the power used from the ignition.

All this means that it's important to check that your Ford van battery is in good condition on a regular basis. Take it to your local Ford garage and they will be able to run a batter check for you. This doesn't mean that you need to buy a new battery from them, in fact you may well find that it is cheaper to buy online by visiting a site like Battery2U.

If your Transit van or Fiesta van breaks down, it could be catastrophic for your business. If you can't get the orders to customers or pick up supplies, then you might find yourself with a big cashflow problem. Avoid this by making sure that your battery is in tip top condition and replacing it before it stops working. This could also save on the cost of emergency mechanics as battery replacement can often be done yourself.

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