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Seat Batteries

The battery in your Seat car is an essential piece of equipment. For many people, their car's battery is out of sight out of mind but to ensure the smooth running of your vehicle in all seasons, it pays to give your Seat battery some attention before it is too late.

Batteries have a finite life - this includes popular Seat models such as the Ibiza, Leon and Altea. Even newer models such as the Seat Mii, Exeo and Alhambra need some routine maintenance to ensure peak performance from their batteries.

If you've had your Seat car from new, then you will know the age of the battery. If you purchased your vehicle second hand, then the battery may already be on its last legs. Batteries last for around 3-4 years, although this can be extended by careful battery management. A car is a pretty tough environment for any piece of equipment - the extremes of temperature and vibrations from driving will test any component and the battery is no exception.

A working battery is a key safety requirement for all cars. Simple measures such as making sure you switch off all electrical equipment when you leave your car will help to keep the battery charged. The battery should also be regularly cleaned to remove grease and dirt that may otherwise reduce the working life.

Getting a new battery is simple - take your Seat to your local dealer and ask them to check it out. It's better to do this before you run into problems - do you want to stuck at home when your car refuses to start because of a flat battery?

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