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Daewoo Batteries

If the battery in your Chevrolet is getting old, or you're having problems starting your car in the mornings, don't wait until your battery gives up the ghost altogether. Replace it now before major problems arise! You may own a Daewoo and be wondering where you can buy batteries - don't worry, Chevrolet now manufacture Daewoo's previous models so parts will be available.

When you have your new battery, clean the terminals in the car to ensure a good connection. Dust and contaminants built up in general day-to-day driving can affect the battery's performance and therefore make your car unsafe. The life of a car battery can vary greatly - from as little as two years with poor driving and care to over six years with a good quality unit that has been fitted and treated properly. A good quality and well-maintained battery can ensure equipment like headlights are working at optimum performance - very useful coming up to the winter months!

Remember that your alternator only charges your battery when the car is moving. Air-blowers, windscreen wipers, radios and entertainment systems can all run the battery down in a short space of time. Practise good driving habits such as not using electrical equipment when not required (e.g. a sat nav plugged into the cigarette lighter/power outlet) as this can shorten your battery's lifespan too.

When you do need a new battery, buying online can often be cheaper than a store. Battery2u carry a whole range of Daewoo and Chevrolet models - see if we can help you get the right battery for your car.

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