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Vauxhall Van Batteries

Being without your van at a busy time can be a nightmare. One way to try and prevent this from happening is to look after the health of your Vauxhall van battery.

Whether you drive a neat little Corsavan or a more substantial Movano, it is important to keep the battery in tip top condition. Batteries use up electricity when they start and then recharge as the van is driven. If you are doing lots of drop offs in a short time, then you might be running down your battery without realizing it. When the battery is new, this isn't such a problem but as the battery ages, it will tend to hold less charge. This means that you could find yourself with a flat battery one morning, even if you don't leave any electrical items switched on.

To avoid the dreaded flat battery, take your van to a Vauxhall garage for a check-up. Astravan, Combo and Vivaro vans all should be treated to an occasional garage visit to ensure that their batteries are working well, particularly as winter approaches.

Vauxhall batteries are available in many different specifications. It is important to ensure that you select the right battery for your van. This means checking that the CCA (cold cranking amp) is the appropriate one for your van. If the CCA is too low, then it will not provide enough energy to start your van when it is low. It is therefore essential to check this on your old battery, when you are looking to buy a new one. Other factors to check are the actual size of the battery and the capacity. That's why it's best to buy new van batteries from a specialist supplier who can ensure that you have the exact product that meets your needs.

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