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Mercedes Van Battery.

The three best known Mercedes Benz vans are the Vito, the Sprinter and the Vario, each come in a variety of specifications, depending on your requirements. When selecting a battery for your Mercedes van, it makes sense to choose a product with the same formidable reputation. If your expectations of the Mercedes Benz brand are high, you won't be disappointed. As you would assume, a compatible Mercedes Benz van battery is made from premium quality materials and to the highest specifications.

The lifespan of a superior quality vehicle battery can be anywhere between five and seven years, but this figure depends on the pattern of use. Whether you use your vehicle for long drives or short stop start journeys, will affect the lifespan of its battery. It's worth remembering that a battery can fail at any time, often without warning. So you'll benefit from buying a replacement, even if there's no immediate problem. Watch out for changes in performance, sluggish starts and problems with your electrical systems, all of which are early warning signs that your battery maybe coming to the end of its life.

Your vehicle battery is responsible for far more than starting the engine each morning. It also regulates safety systems, like your airbag and alarms. Your battery may be involved in saving your life one day, so it's good practice to keep up some battery maintenance, on a regular basis. Keep your battery clean around the terminals, the powdery substance is battery acid so exercise caution. First disconnect the terminals then brush away these harmful deposits. If you notice any corrosion of the terminals, get it checked out and if necessary have replacements fitted.

If you have any concerns about your battery, call us to discuss a replacement, don't leave it till it’s too late

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