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Replacement BMW Batteries

A battery is one of the key components in your car and without it your vehicle wouldn't even function. If you own a BMW, which models would benefit more than others when it comes to new BMW batteries and how often should you change your battery over?

In fact, there is no set period as to how long a battery will last for: It could be as little as two years if you opt for a cheap generic brand or it could give you up to six years of reliable service if you decide to purchase a top of the range, superior quality replacement BMW battery.

Other factors play their part too: If you have an older battery and you literally only use your car at weekends then it is not receiving any type of charge during the week. That can only lead to one thing – a shorter shelf life for your battery that will ensure you having to renew it on a more regular basis.

At the other end of the scale, if you are a high mileage driver with a high specification car then you are also at risk of having to change your battery more regularly. That means, in the case of BMW, the higher powered executive and luxury cars such as those in the 5, 6 and 7 series could be more susceptible to needing a more frequent battery switch.

If you own a bmw with stop start technology i.e efficient dynamics fitted as standard you will need a special AGM (absorbant glass matt) battery fitted in the vehicle, the car will have to have the electrical system reset after installation, this means the vehicles battery will have to be replaced using specialist equipment, Battery2u will offer this service from early 2013.

Older BMW models are also more prone to early drainage and although this is a high quality car that is built to last, it is inevitable that it will become less efficient over time and will need more regular battery changes.

Although it may be true to say that the higher powered and luxury cars are the prime concern, battery issues can manifest themselves in any BMW at any time from the smaller 1 series makes right through to the top end of the scale.

The task for the driver is to monitor the progress of your battery and judge when it needs replacing. This may be tricky in some instances but if you are losing power, it is imperative that you seek a replacement BMW battery as soon as possible to ensure that you keep yourself safe at all times.

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