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Skoda Van Batteries

When an unfortunate employee of the German bicycle manufacturer Seidel and Naumann snarked to a customer in the Czech Republic: "If you would like an answer to your inquiry, you should try writing in a language we can understand", little did he or she conceive of the powerhouse that was to be unleashed as a direct consequence! Václav Klement took his outrage and used it to create a manufacturing empire, first of bicycles, then motorcycles, and finally, in 1905, of the Voiturette A, ŠKODA's first automobile.

Long regarded as "the poor man's Porsche" for its ubiquitous on Britain's motorways, the ŠKODA has finally come into its own, with a full range of vehicles and a number of Rally wins under its belt.

At, we have a full range of batteries to keep your ŠKODA starting swiftly and running smoothly, whether it's the zippy little city commuter Citigo or the SME workhorse Praktik. When you drive a car as, well, let's call it what it is, as "sexy" as the ŠKODA Superb, you're going to be starting it up a lot. That means extra wear and tear on the battery and we've got you covered there, too. ŠKODA's Rapid Spaceback has room for the whole family and when you've got a family, there's a huge demand on the battery to power everything from the car's onboard computer to the kids' backseat laptop. An extra battery in the boot could prevent the embarrassment of calling for a tow to get everybody home safely.

Avoid the stress of being caught short and having to settle for the first available battery. We know batteries and we'll ensure you have the perfect battery for your vehicle and with a warranty lasting from two to five years (depending on battery make and model).

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