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Our online catalogue is downloaded from battery manufacturers recommendations, although this information is fairly accurate it is not always guaranteed to be 100% accurate for this reason we recommend the customer checks the physical size and terminal layout against their old battery before ordering. Battery2u shall not be held responsible for any charges incurred for sending items back when sizes and layouts have not been checked beforehand. it is very important that sizes and layouts are checked before items are dispatched.


We will only deliver to addresses within the United Kingdom mainland. We may deliver to certain remote locations e.g. Scottish Isles and Scottish Highlands, please check for your postal zone below. Delivery is between Monday – Friday 8.30am -5.30pm. Next day delivery is based on orders placed before 3.00pm, anytime after this parcels will only be dispatched the next working day on a next day delivery basis. We do everything we can to meet the delivery time specified in this section, however occasionally delivery times may be affected by factors beyond our control and cannot be guaranteed. Please note that if your order is made up of a combination of items, deliveries may, on occasion be made separately. Risk in the goods will pass to you on delivery. We reserve the right to alter or amend delivery times in exceptional circumstances.

Postal Zone 1

G83 7, G83 8, G84 8, IV10 8, IV11 8, IV12 8, IV12 5, IV12 9, IV13 7, IV14 7, IV15 0, IV15 9, IV16 9, IV17 0, IV18 0, IV18 9, IV19 1, IV19 9, IV2 6, IV20 1, IV21 2, IV22 2, IV23 2, IV24 3, IV25 3, IV26 3, IV27 4, IV27 9, IV28 3, IV30 1, IV30 4, IV30 5, IV30 6, IV30 8, IV30 9, IV31 6, IV32 7, IV36 1, IV36 2, IV36 3, IV36 9, IV4 7, IV40 8, IV5 7, IV52 8, IV53 8, IV54 8, IV6 7, IV63 6, IV63 7, IV7 8, IV8 8, IV9 8, KW1 4, KW1 5, KW10 6, KW11 6, KW12 6, KW13 6, KW14 7, KW14 8, KW14 9, KW2 6, KW3 6, KW5 6, KW6 6, KW7 6, KW8 6, KW9 6,PA21 2, PA22 3, PA23 7, PA23 8, PA23 9, PA24 8, PA25 8, PA26 8, PA27 8, PA28 6, PA28 9, PA29 6, PA30 8, PA31 8, PA31 9, PA32 8, PA33 1, PA34 4, PA34 5, PA34 9, PA35 1, PA36 4, PA37 1, PA38 4, PH17 2, PH19 1, PH20 1, PH21 1, PH22 1, PH23 3, PH24 3, PH25 3, PH26 3, PH26 9, PH30 4, PH31 4, PH32 4, PH33 4, PH33 7, PH33 9, PH34 4, PH35 4, PH36 4, PH37 4, PH38 4, PH39 4, PH40 4, PH41 4, PH49 4, PH50 4

This Zone Will Incur A Delivery Charge Of £15.60

Postal Zone 2

HS1 2, HS1 9, HS2 0,HS2 9,HS3 3,HS4 3,HS5 3,HS6 5,HS7 5,HS8 5,HS9 5, IV41 8,IV42 8,IV43 8,IV44 8,IV45 8,IV46 8,IV47 8,IV48 8,IV49 8,IV51 0,IV51 9,IV55 8,IV56 8,KA27 8,KA28 0,KW15 1,KW16 3,KW16 9,KW17 2,PA20 0,PA20 9,PA41 7,PA42 7,PA43 7,PA44 7,PA45 7,PA46 7,PA47 7,PA48 7,PA49 7,PA60 7,PA61 7,PA62 6,PA63 6,PA64 6,PA65 6,PA66 6,PA67 6,PA68 6,PA69 6,PA70 6,PA71 76PA72 6,PA73 6,PA74 6,PA75 6,PA76 6,PA77 6,PA78 6,PH41 2,PH42 4,PH43 4,PH44 4,TR21,TR22,TR23,TR24,TR25,ZE1 0,ZE1 9,ZE2 9,ZE3 9

This Zone Will Incur A Delivery Charge Of £22.60 

We Do Not Ship Offshore.


You have the right to cancel the contract for your purchase within 14 days of delivery. When sending an item back you must package the item securely and send it back along with the invoice and a note confirming you wish to cancel. Please contact us in advance so we are aware that the item is coming back to us. We highly recommend you use a recorded delivery service. Please note that you will be responsible for the costs of returning the item back to us, We will require 24 hours notice before goods are returned. Please note that once items are sent out for delivery you will not be able to cancel parts of the contract we have already carried out such as postage and packing. When we receive the goods along with your cancelation notice we will then refund the relivent amount left on that particular item or items. All items returned for a refund will be liable for a re-stocking charge of £7.99 to cover postage and packaging charges paid by us.