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Ducati Battery

Only a small proportion of Ducati owners use their bikes for daily commuting all year round. Even if you turn your engine over on a regular basis, long periods of no use will speed up the rate at which your battery deteriorates, especially during the cold winter months.

Battery problems are among the most common cause of breakdown for bikers. If you are having difficulties, fitting a new Ducati motorcycle battery to your machine will help ensure your bike starts without any difficulty, every single time.

If you use your bike for short trips every time the weather turns nice, this can actually drain your battery as the engine may not be running for sufficient time to restore the amount of charge used by the starter motor. Further battery drain can occur if your bike is fitted with an alarm system.

As bike technology becomes ever more sophisticated with innovations such as ABS being fitted to more machines and more riders making use of bike-powered GPS and in-helmet entertainment systems, so the pressure on motorcycle batteries continues to increase.

Remember that if you are purchasing an unsealed replacement lead/acid battery, you will have to add the acid and charge the battery before it can be used on your motorcycle. Whether your battery is sealed or unsealed, it is a good idea to remove it from your Ducati if you will not be riding the bike for some time and use an automatic charger to keep your battery in good condition.

We have a wide range of replacement Ducati motorbike batteries in stock so no matter what model of bike you ride, you'll find the part you need. Each model will have a number of options so if you're not sure which battery or type of battery will suit your bike best, we will be happy to advise you.

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